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At first we were treated to a Downing Street briefing on Covid on a daily basis, then every few days, but it feels a long time since the last time one was held.

Covid currently is still very prevalent in the UK with the latest Covid Dashboard on showing 1984 deaths in the last 28 days, up 54% from the previous period.

There are currently over 19,000 people in hospital with Covid.

There are also many cases of staff shortages due to Covid that are affecting many sectors of the economy.

Free home tests and test centres ended at the end of March so little wonder the reported number of new cases is falling.

Does Boris Johnson think it is all over and we simply have to live with Covid now? Or is he distracted by Ukraine and Partygate?

The Covid Dashboard is updated daily at

The dashboard also allows you to enter a postcode to see the statistics in specific areas.